I have this domain and I do have a desire to share database work here, but it seems that the database work I do nowadays is through mySQL, which is fine, but hardly the Microsoft Access that I had envisioned for this site. For now, it appears that I will do very little here 😢
A Little Background
I have been writing Microsoft Access databases since 2.0 which was way back in the 1980s. Wasn't much of a program back then. I didn't, however, get ultra serious until Access 97 came around. At that point I needed to develop a few very important databases for our business and spent a large part of my time learning the ins and outs of this fine databasing system.

Until content can be added here, if ever, might I suggest a few good places to spend some time.
Hexidecimal Table, Named Color Table, and Color Slider. This is a resource I created so that I could get hex codes and work with colors on the web.
Classic Short Stories. A fine repository I created back in 1995 and still is a good one for those interested in story reading and writing. This is a site that we finished in September 2016 that is meant to be a place where writers and illustrators can collaborate on fun stuff.
Short Story Lorem Ipsum Generator. This is a lorem ipsum generator that uses content from Classic Short Stories to build sample text for developers.

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